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Bellow are just some of the wonderful success stories our clients have shared with us.

Nathan Bailey

22 March 2012

For me, Pilates is not just therapeutic, but is good for my body in a few ways. I have been going to the chiropractor every five weeks or so for the last 19 years. I started doing Pilates to work on my core muscles, posture and general flexibility, to help the minor scoliosis and my weak back. My instructor does not only give me a general Pilates workout, but focuses on my personal weaknesses. I can feel the difference in my body and religiously keep up the classes since 2006.

Steve Boshoff

22 March 2012

When I was in my twenties, I had a rather severe motor racing accident. The injury stabilised, but by the time I reached my forties, I started to suffer from continuous back pain. The training I was doing at the gym was not giving me the results I wanted, not to mention frequent trips to the chiropractor. My posture was also beginning to get worse.

So in 2006 I started taking private Pilates classes and I must say that I finally found my solution and an end to continuous back pain. With regular participation and an in-depth understanding of the principles of Pilates, I started to see my body change, slowly, for the better. The technique has taught me how to stabilise my body and then to move it through ranges of movement I never thought possible, without pain! Working with an instructor is essential for achieving correct alignment and avoiding compensation patterns, as it is difficult to "see oneself" from all angles while doing the exercises. The instructor also advises me as to which exercises to do, as not all of the repertoire is of benefit to my unique condition and type of body. I can definitely say that my life has changed in "body" and "mind", as I really have to concentrate to do everything just right for optimum results. I dont "practise" Pilates, I "live" Pilates.

Steve is now participating in triathlons and is highly competitive. (Age: 55 years.)

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  • 22 March 2012

    "I have been doing Pilates on and off since 2005. Ever since I started with Pilates my motto was ‘Pilates till I die’, and it still is. I believe you can still be 100 years old and do Pilates. It will keep your body flexible and your mind alive.

    I started with Pilates classes because I wanted to do some form of exercise (and I am not the athletic type) and I suffer from tension in my shoulders, upper back and neck, which leads to tension headaches. The kind and number of classes I have taken per week over the years have varied according to circumstances, but one thing is always the same: miss a class and your body knows it. At the moment I only take one group class a week, and if I miss a class, my upper body is one big spasm the following week. Pilates does not take my condition completely away, but it helps me manage it in a way no medication or physiotherapist can.

    The other thing is that Pilates really is the thinking man’s exercise. I think this is great, as your brain also has to concentrate very hard to control your muscles.

    Furthermore, Pilates has kept my core strong during my first pregnancy (I failed to go to class during the second and it still shows!), and it helped me to strengthen my pelvic floor and core again after I’ve had my children.

    If I could force them, I would have made my mom and all my friends go to Pilates classes to strengthen their bodies and see what amazing things they will actually be able to do when their mind and body work together! Pilates till I die!"

    Anneline Du Preez
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