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There is no contract that is signed or notice period given in the event of you wanting to stop with your classes. It is, however, requested that you inform the studio, should you wish to stop your classes. Fees that have been paid upfront for the month will not be refunded.

Each client is given a permanent time where possible, and this time remains the client's, unless the client ceases to come for more than three consecutive classes, after which the time slot will be given away.

All classes not cancelled within 24 hours of the scheduled time will be charged for in full.

Group class fees are paid monthly and are not transferable.

Please wear clothing that is easy to move in and socks no shoes. It is preferable for men to wear ski pants under their shorts and for ladies not to wear very baggy clothes.



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15 May 2014

Studio Operating Times March 2015

Core Connection will be operating  from 7.30am - 1pm.

There are two ...

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15 May 2014


Position available for qualified equipment trained pilates instructor. Please send CV and ...

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  • 22 March 2012

    "For me, Pilates is not just therapeutic, but is good for my body in a few ways. I have been going to the chiropractor every five weeks or so for the last 19 years. I started doing Pilates to work on my core muscles, posture and general flexibility, to help the minor scoliosis and my weak back. My instructor does not only give me a general Pilates workout, but focuses on my personal weaknesses. I can feel the difference in my body and religiously keep up the classes since 2006."

    Nathan Bailey
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